PRE-KLENZ Soak Shield

PRE-KLENZ Soak Shield

The PRE-KLENZ® Soak Shield helps initiate the pre-cleaning process of surgical and endoscopic instruments at bedside immediately after use, continuing through transport. The device tip is submerged in enzymatic detergent from bedside through transport to loosen soils, making reprocessing easier. The PRE-KLENZ® Soak Shield is available in small, medium and large sizes depending on device need.

PRE-KLENZ® Soak Shield...
• Promotes effective device reprocessing through loosening of soils
• Pre-cleaning process from bedside to reprocessing
• Tip protection during transport for delicate devices

How the PRE-KLENZ® Soak Shield works..
With the tip of the device encased, enzymatic detergent proactively moistens and loosens soils. Instrument pre-cleaning is active from bedside through transport.

Why PRE-KLENZ® Soak Shield?

Promotes soil removal – pre-moistens soils at tip of device and all exposed surfaces
Immediate and continuous pre-cleaning – powerful performance of STERIS enzymatic detergent
Device tip protection – design protects small, medium and large surgical and endoscopic devices during transport
Time-efficient – transport now becomes valuable pre-cleaning time


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Product number description size Unit/box Quantity
PRE-KLENZ® Soak Shield 35ml 4 cartons of 25, 100 per case

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description size
PRE-KLENZ® Soak Shield 35ml
Unit/box Quantity
4 cartons of 25, 100 per case