STERIS Endoscopy Name Change Q&A

Over the next few months, the US Endoscopy name and brand will transition to STERIS Endoscopy. Please reference the below Q&As for additional information.
Contact our Customer Service team at 1.800.548.4873 or your local Product Specialist with any questions.

Why is STERIS | US Endoscopy rebranding to STERIS Endoscopy?

STERIS acquired US Endoscopy seven years ago. The STERIS Endoscopy name builds on the brand recognition of STERIS and US Endoscopy and allows us to operate as a true total solution for our Customers, streamline processes and ensure we are delivering the highest level of service and support.


When will STERIS | US Endoscopy officially transition to STERIS Endoscopy?

You will begin to see the transition over the next several weeks. However, the official transition date is December 1, 2019.


Where will I begin to see the STERIS Endoscopy name?
Use of the STERIS Endoscopy name will include, but not be limited to, our website and social media channels, marketing literature, tradeshows graphics, business cards, email signatures, etc.

Where will I begin to see the STERIS name?
The STERIS name will be introduced onto products, product labels and packaging beginning November 1, 2019. There will however be a transitional period and not all products (ie., capital units) will transition to the new branding on this date. All order documentation (i.e. sales quotes, sales order acknowledgements, invoices, etc.) have already transitioned to STERIS earlier this year so there is no immediate action for Customers at this time.

What changes should I expect to see on the updated product labels?
Changes to the product labels will begin to reflect the STERIS name and logo beginning November 1. At this time, all GTIN numbers will also transition from US Endsoscopy GTIN numbers to STERIS GTIN numbers. If you are currently using GTIN numbers for inventory management, please contact our Customer Service team at 1.800.548.4873
to request a master GTIN list.

Does the name change impact regulatory filings?
US Endoscopy will remain as a separate legal entity. US government registration, ISO certification, and CE certification will be remain under the US Endoscopy name.

Does the name change affect purchasing within my organization such as purchase orders, contractual agreements, etc.?
With the transition of all US Endoscopy products being sold and invoiced under the STERIS Corporation tax ID number and legal entity in January 2019, your current ordering systems, contractual agreements, blanket orders, etc. should have already been updated to the STERIS name and tax ID number.

Who should I contact moving forward to place an order or ask questions?
You will continue to work with your current local STERIS Endoscopy Product Specialist or you may contact our Customer Service team at 1.800.548.4873.