CLinical EValuation of the EndoRings device: The CLEVER study - Interim results of a randomized, multicenter, tandem colonoscopy study

The primary aim of this multi-center study was to compare adenoma miss rates of standard colonoscopy and colonoscopy with the EndoRings™ device. This randomized, tandem study consisted of 116 patients (232 procedures total).

Compared to standard colonoscopy, the study demonstrates that colonoscopy with the EndoRings™ device offers significantly lower adenoma miss rates, as well as an increase in adenoma detection rates.

Adenoma miss rates:
Standard colonoscopy: 28 of 58 adenomas = 48.3%
EndoRings™ device colonoscopy: 7 of 69 adenomas = 10.1%

Adenoma detection rates (ADR):
Standard colonoscopy: 17 of 59 subjects = 28.8%
EndoRings™ device colonoscopy: 29 of 57 subjects = 50.9%

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