• iSnare system - Lariat snare

    iSnare® system – Lariat® snare

    The new iSnare® system – Lariat® snare features multi-stage technology with an alternating snare and injection needle ideal for complex polypectomy procedures.

  • BioGuard

    BioGuard® air/water & suction valves

    Introducing our new, single-use BioGuard® air/water & suction valves – helping to minimize cross-contamination risks while providing consistent performance…

  • Moray

    Moray™ micro forceps

    Revolutionizing pancreatic cyst sampling helping lead to a more definitive diagnosis.

  • Bracco Polyp Traps

    Joining our product portfolio...

    The E-Z-EM QuickCatch™ in-line polyp trap and Suction Polyp Trap™ four chamber trap join US Endoscopy’s extensive line of polyp retrieval devices.

  • Duoswift

    DuoSwift™ combination squeegee brush

    Combining the cleaning benefits of a bristled brush and squeegee into one device.

NEW! BioGuard® air/water & suction valves and kits offer an alternative option to manual cleaning and are available with our BioShield® biopsy valve and/or Torrent® scope connector.

Mentor, Ohio — June 22, 2016 — US Endoscopy, a world leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, is proud to announce the release of the Moray® micro forceps. The new Moray® micro forceps is designed to acquire reliable tissue samples from lesions that can occur within and outside of the gastrointestinal tract.    

The new Moray® micro forceps is designed to acquire tissue samples from pancreatic cysts.